Roses in urban space

Roses in urban space

Over the last few years, about 100,000 roses have been planted in Kutno.

Rose plantings can be found in parks (Traugutt Park and Park Wiosny Ludów), on roundabouts and green belts, on school grounds, municipal offices, on squares among each housing estate. In addition, the residents of the rents also contribute to the City of Roses. Rose bushes can be found in many gardens, gardens, allotments and balconies of many inhabitants of Kutno.

We also made sure that the rose effect does not disappear with the arrival of autumn or winter. Throughout the year, there is a comprehensive city information system about the rose city of the city, i.e. plates with the names of streets, squares or numbers. The whole center is complemented by elements of urban architecture, such as the fountain at pl. Piłsudskiego, greeters along the roads leading to Kutno or a series of micro-sculptures in the city center.

Are you looking for a specific rose variety in Kutno? You can find it here:

We invite you to the photo gallery presenting roses that can be found in the city of Kutno.