Not only roses blossom in Kutno, but also its abundant cultural life. For a few years now Kutno has been a forerunner in the Łódź district and one of the best cities in Poland in terms of means spent on culture. Stable financing of culture makes it one of the highest rated public services in the city.

For children and teenagers the town has a wide offer of interest groups and clubs in which they can widen and develop their skills, abilities, and interests.

An event famous for its rich and over 45-year-old tradition is the Rose Festival, celebrated at the beginning of September. During the festival, many local rose growers exhibit the most beautiful examples of these gorgeous flowers displayed in sophisticated artistic arrangements. The exhibition is accompanied by a contest for the most beautiful rose and some outdoor events, such as a rose fair, music concerts and funfairs.

Other important cultural events include The Golden Means of Poetry Festival, Kutno Station - A National Contest of Songs by The Honorary Head of the Kutno Commune Jeremi Przybora, "Łapa" - the Festival of Children Theatres, Kutno May Day, and Shalom Ash Festival, held every two years. Its main point is the national literary competition named after a well-known Jewish writer who was born in Kutno and spent several years of his life here. The contest is accompanied by concerts of Jewish music, an exhibition and film screenings.

Kutno with its region is also an important centre of folk sculpture. The Regional Museum organizes presentations of such a type of artistic creativity, whereas in the Museum of the Battle of the Bzura River, visitors can admire an extremely interesting exhibition commemorating the biggest battle of September 1939 campaign.


Zdjęcie z wystawy róż

Cultural institutions

The Kutno Cultural Centre (KDK), the largest institution of this type in the city, has been providing various attractions for the city residents for almost fifty years. KDK organizes multiple artistic and entertaining events, galas on a special occasion, exhibitions, and artistic workshops. It also manages bands and clubs, where children and youth can develop their interests. The most known of them is "Od jutra" theatrical group, functioning since 1984, which has received numerous and prestigious rewards.

Younger children can participate in classes of the children's theater "Puszek", which has been functioning since 1979. The Kutno Cultural Centre has a movie-theater auditorium for 400 places, room for rhythmic-theater practice, conference room (70 places), and huge halls, used for fairs and exhibitions. The location of the institution is also attractive - in the center of R. Traugutt Park.

Stefan Żeromski Municipal and District Public Library exists since 1931. It has a collection of 179,063 volumes: fiction, science, and popular science literature, albums, publications in English and French. Microfilms, with which one can learn about the history and region of Kutno are "pearls" of the collection. The library also offers audio-video collections: audiobooks, cassettes, and records for foreign languages learning, a sizable choice of films on video tapes, and a varied repertoire of CDs.

Annually the reading room is visited by over 18,000 people, with more than 40,000 books and newspapers available, around 30,000 pieces of information are provided.

The Books Lovers Club functions at the library. By its initiative, meetings, author's evenings of contemporary poets and novelists, exhibitions are being held. The Municipal and Regional Public Library has five branches.

The Youth Culture Center is a non-school education institution that offers classes for children and teenagers. There are three sections: artistic (music, vocal, theater-recitation, plastic arts), science and technical (English language, photo-film, model making, radio station), sports and recreation (judo, chess, corrective gymnastics sections). The institution is focused on arousing and developing interests among children and youngsters.

The Society of Kutno Lovers (TPZK) has been operating since 1972. Currently, it consists of 167 members. It's focused on carrying out various social-cultural activities and research works used to popularize the region and history of Kutno among its residents, as well as taking care of cultural-material legacy, with special consideration of architectural monuments of Kutno and the surrounding area. TPZK collects materials concerning Kutno, initiates and promotes cultural events. TPZK is known for its publishing activity, medal-making (several commemorative medals were engraved), scientific sessions, meetings, and lectures, as well as contests, historic-sightseeing trips.