Incentives for Investors

Incentives for Investors

Exemptions for operating in the Łódź Special Economic Zone

Starting a business in Kutno, in the area covered by the status of the Lodz Special Economic Zone, entitles you to benefit from public aid granted in the form of income tax exemption from legal entities or natural persons. The level of public aid for the Lodzkie Voivodship, including the Kutno Subzone, is the highest in Europe - even up to 60%.

More information on the operating conditions of the Łódź Special Economic Zone can be found here

Support available for job creation

Support for the creation of new jobs in the Kutno poviat is provided by the Poviat Labor Office in Kutno. Four programs in this area are currently underway. These are:

  • intervention works,
  • intervention works for 50-year-olds,
  • internships,
  • reimbursement for employers of the costs of equipping or retrofitting workplaces for the unemployed.
  • Training programs

As part of the training service, the Poviat Labor Office in Kutno provides group training and individual training organized at the request of an entitled person. The Poviat Labor Office may organize trainings for the unemployed for the needs of a company with foreign capital at the time of the company's settlement in the territory of the Republic of Poland. The condition for using the financing is prior notification of the thematic scope of the training and the expected number of people who would use it. The entire cost of such training is covered by the Poviat Labor Office. Only unemployed people can take advantage of the training.