Kutno varieties of roses

Kutno became the symbolic birthplace of four varieties. They are all made by breeder Bolesław Wituszyński from Kutno:


"Kutno” (1965) - pale pink mutant of the dwarf variety "Margo Koster". Shrub 60-80 cm high. Bright green, glossy leaves.


„Marylka” (1967) - Entered in the register in 1972. Named after the breeder's daughter. Mrs. Maria died on September 15, 2012.


„Kopernik” (1969) – Entered in the register in 1977. It grows in the papal gardens in the Vatican. Flowers have a pastel pink color, turning into heather.

„Leszek” (1980) - Full, brown-orange flower. The name was created in memory of breeder's son, Leszek Wituszyński. The rose was not registered as it proved to be non-resistant.

Source url: https://um.kutno.pl/en/kutno-varieties-roses

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