The Rose Calendar of Kutno

Kutno rose calendar:

  • 1912 - establishing a garden farm by brothers Aron and Karol Eizyk in Adamowice near Kutno
  • 1919 - the beginning of the rose production on the Eizyk brothers' farm
  • 1938 - Mieczysław Albiński founded a rose nursery in Stefanów near Krośniewice 
  • 1938 - the first nursery of Bolesław Wituszyński's roses is established in Koserz, in the 1940s it was moved to Kutno
  • 1950 - Henryk Wituszyński's rose nursery is being established in Kutno
  • 1960 - the first Golden Rose medal won by Bolesław Wituszyński at the rose exhibition in Szczecin
  • 1965 - the first Golden Rose medal won by Mieczysław Albiński
  • 1965 - Bolesław Wituszyński creates Kutno rose
  • 3 X 1965 - the first exhibition of roses in Kutno, in the Inter-Cooperative Club "na górce"
  • 10 IX 1966 -  Joachim Gudel's piano concert at the State Music School in Kutno, accompanied by an exhibition of roses from Bolesław Wituszyński's nursery
  • 1972 - The Marylka rose, bred by Bolesław Wituszyński in 1967, is officially put in the register
  • 20 –21 IX 1975 - The 1st Kutno Rose Fair organized by the Kutno Culture Center, the program included an exhibition of roses by Mieczysław Albiński, Bolesław and Henryk Wituszyński; demonstration of arranging bouquets and bouquets for various occasions. The star of the festival was the band NO TO CO
  • 1977 - Bolesław Wituszyński's nursery offers the Mikołaj Kopernik rose, bred in 1969
  • 9 – 10 IX 1989 - The 15th Kutno Rose Fair, the last event of this name
  • 8 – 9 IX 1990 - the Rose Festival - the first event of this name, the rose exhibitions remain numbered.

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