Motor Mill

Built in 1908/9, a three-story brick building with a flat roof covered with tar paper. In the interwar period, it belonged to the company "A. Oliński and the Company ”. From 1930, the mill was leased by the company "Kutno Trade Union for the Purchase and Sale of Crops".
Initially, the mill was powered by a 160 HP coke-gas engine, and in the 1930s by an electric motor whose milling capacity was 80 tons of grain per day. The mill had a warehouse for 800 tons of grain. After World War II, the mill was nationalized and belonged to the "Państwowe Zakłady Zbożowe", had 28 pairs of rollers (18 pre-war pairs) and the milling capacity of about 140 tons of grain per day.

Author: Dr. J. Saramonowicz

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